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ESET® MOBILE SECURITY (1 User, 1-Year License, Download)


Protects: Android Mobiles & Tablets.
Features: Antivirus | Real-time Scanning | Remote Lock | Remote Siren | GPS Localization | Tablet Support | Proactive Anti-Theft | Anti-Phishing | Custom On-screen Message | Location Tracking | Camera Snapshots | Low Battery Alert | SIM-Matching | SMS Call Filter | Remote Wipe



Product Description




Enjoy safer mobile

ESET® Mobile Security
Comprehensive protection for your Android smartphone or tablet, including proactive Anti-Theft

Explore the internet safely, on the go

The online world awaits, and its increasingly mobile.  With protection from ESET, there’s no reason to hold back.  Dive in, using your smart phone or tablet, and know that we’ve got you covered.

Web browsing or shopping online?

Explore the internet with confidence, thanks to proven Antivirus protection, while Anti-Phishing protects your personal data.

What would you do if your device went missing?

Proactive Anti-Theft takes snapshots if someone tries to access your data, sends them to, and locks your device.

Want to reclaim your phone?

Only receive the calls and texts you want, when you want.  Block individual callers or groups using SMS & Call Filter.

All the features you need to keep you secure

Android 2.3 and higher

Device RAM 512 MB
Touch screen (minimum 240x320px)
Processor: 500+ MHz ARM7+
Internet connection

Dual SIM and rooted devices are not supported. Some features (for example, Anti-Theft and SMS & Call Filter) are not available on tablets that do not support calling and messaging.

* Some feature functionality is OS version dependent.

Want to know more about the included features?

Read the:


Product Overview (PDF)

Android Security Anti-Theft (Infographics)